Solar Sunflower 1

Technical Specification

  • Model - Solar Sunflower 1
  • Power - 100Watt, 180- 200Watt panels
  • Kit weight - 10.5kg and 13.5kg respectively
  • Panel dimensions - 1005mm x 540mm and 1300mm x 800mm respectively
  • Solar Charger - Built in
  • Heavy Duty Cable - 7Metre supplied as standard
  • Made in Australia by TerrSat Pty Ltd from local and imported components


Solar Sunflower 1 automatic solar panel tracking system will enable your solar panel to generate maximum power from the Sun always and everywhere!

Comes in two sizes: 100Watt, 180-200Watt panels, weighing around 10.5 and 13.5Kg respectively, as complete systems. Designed and made in Australia by TerrSat Pty Ltd from local and imported components. As far as we know, we are the only manufacturer of such a product, and proud of it.

By following the Sun’s path throughout the day, you can get far more power from your solar panel comparing to fixed horizontally installed panel on the roof, or portable folding panels.

Hi efficiency, easy to set up, with lightweight poly carbonate solar panels, makes it ideal for taking it with you when you are out and about. It is easily portable and can be stored in your van or car whilst you are touring.

You simply take it out in the Sun to track it while having your motor home, caravan or tent in the shade to keep you cool.

This revolution in solar power helps to capture the greatest amount of energy from the Sun by following it through its natural path from sunrise to sunset, and when the sun goes down, the panel gets parked horizontally making it’s wind load virtually zero.

Testing has shown, as shown on the graphs, that the Solar Sunflower Tracking System consistently out-performs horizontally mounted panels on the roof, and costs less.

Control board with solar sensors and solar charger are built into a waterproof boxes for best protection. Kit comes with seven metre heavy duty cable with Anderson plugs on each end (can be made longer if required) that plugs straight into the Anderson plug at the front of your caravan, or at the back of your four wheel drive to charge the accessory/home batteries, and there is no need for any additional cabling.

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