Fixed Solar Panels

Fixed Solar Panels for Caravans and Motor Homes

As we all know today, it is essential to have solar panels installed on caravans and motor homes.

If properly designed, the solar panels will maintain your home batteries fully charged as well as provide you with enough power to satisfy your needs when out and about.

We supply and install a complete solar panel systems with all the cabling, solar panel regulators, wide range of solar panels whether they are rigid glass type or semi flexible. They come in different sizes in order to fit the space that you have on the roof of your caravan or motor home.

Should you have any problems with your existing solar system, not sure if it is working properly or not, and/or not generating enough power from them, we we can offer a complete service which includes supply, repair or upgrade.

Before you make a decision on what solar panel system to go for, please consider checking our automatic solar panel trackers. There is a huge difference in efficiency of solar panels between fixed and automatic tracking, as shown on charts below.


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