Crank Up Satellite Dishes for Caravans, Motor Homes, and Camper Trailers

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MaxView B2590

Manual, roof mounted satellite system - How does it work?

Simply adjust the system from the comfort of inside your vehicle with the easy to operate direction unit, effortlessly raising and rotating the dish to locate and to find VAST or PAY TV channels anywhere in Australia.


Key Features at a glance...

  • Handle designed with clear and precise elevation display
  • Low streamline profile, only 17cm in height
  • Aesthetically pleasing moulded handle, so it is unobtrusive on vehicle ceiling
  • Twin LNB as standard
  • Easy to align using the ceiling mounted 'Crank Up' handle and elevation zone map
  • All weather resistant construction
  • Designed for permanent mounting, but can be transferred to another vehicle if required
  • 3 year warranty


Being authorized supplier, installer and service agent, we guaranty you competitive prices and excellent service during and after the warranty expires.


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