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1.5kW Solar Tracker

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1.5kW Solar Tracker

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  • Date:October 7, 2017

By following the Sun’s path throughout the day, you can get far more power from your solar panels comparing to fixed panels facing North adjusted at a certain angle.

There are many applications where this size and type of solar tracker can be used.


1.5kW Solar Tracker is dual axis automatic solar panel tracking system that enables your solar panels to generate maximum power from the Sun regardless of season of the year.

If you are using this solar tracker for water pump, especially during summer, when there is more need for water, your pump will start pumping within an hour after sunrise, and keep pumping for hours longer, and stop just before the sunset. This is very important in the cases when there is a small stream of water source.

Being dual axis tracking, there is no need for any adjustments as the seasons of the year change, solar panels always face the Sun throughout the day. An Optional Wind Sensor will add additional protection in very windy conditions; the tracker will park panels horizontally until the wind calms down.

Testing has shown, as shown on the graphs, that the Solar Pump Master Tracking System consistently out-performs fixed solar panels.

During this testing we had fixed solar panels horizontally positioned to compare them with automatic tracking panels, because fixed panels positioned at different angles would give different results during different seasons of the year, at different locations.

The tracker uses heavy duty slewing drive for azimuth tracking (0 – 270 degrees), and heavy duty actuator for elevation tracking (0 – 60 degrees) which covers the complete Sun’s path throughout the year.

Having capacity of up to 1500 Watts or up to 7 square meters of solar panels, it could be used for other purposes like workshop power supply, work lights, and others, by simply charging the batteries and combining it with 240 Volt inverter if needed.

1.5kW Solar Tracker uses high quality heavy duty slewing drive and actuator, and is designed to work maintenance free for many years; it is cyclone rated and certified.

If this tracking system is used to run water pumps, it would run the pumps for an extra six to seven hours longer than if the panels were installed at a fixed angle, check the efficiency comparison chart



Technical Specification

  • Model – 1.5kW Solar Tracker
  • Dual Axis Tracking – Elevation 0 – 60 degrees, Azimuth 0 – 270 degrees
  • Power – up to 1500 Watts or up to 7 square meters of panels
  • Structural Integrity – Cyclone rated
  • Optional Wind Sensor – Additional protection. In very windy conditions, the tracker will park panels horizontally until the wind calms down.
  • Made in Australia by TerrSat Pty Ltd from local and imported components
  • Warranty – 3 Years


Our highly qualified technicians will install a new solar panel tracking system, upgrade your fixed system to our tracking system, or repair your existing one.

Please do not hesitate contacting us should you have any inquires related to this, or any other our products.

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