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14kW PARU Dual Axis Tracker

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14kW PARU Dual Axis Tracker

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  • Date:April 28, 2018

PARU Technology is the worldwide leader in tracking solution for utility, commercial, and residential solar energy systems, with over 800MW across the globe. After more than 20 years of R&D efforts, PARU’s innovations in solar tracking continue to provide the lowest production cost through reliable.


Dual-Axis Tracker produces the maximum efficiency of the solar PV regardless of the weather or temperature condition. With reliability and high technology of PARU’s solar structure and automatic safety control function, Dual-Axis tracker produces stable electricity throughout the year. 13 different patents and international certifications, including UL, prove PARU’s global competitiveness. PARU continues to improve and develop better quality products and an advanced technology working with PARU’s own R&D department.

Dual Axis Tracker With Various Tracking Methods



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