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Automatic Satellite Dish Repairs & Upgrades

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Repairs and Upgrades to Automatic Satellite Dishes for RV’s

Having problems with your automatic satellite dish, not always locking onto the satellite, having pixelated picture and loss of signal in slightest wind???

Here at TerrSat, We Provide Solutions

As an authorized dealer and service agent, we provide high quality installations, specialize in service, repairs, and upgrades to all brands sold in Australia






Most of the automatic satellite dish systems have major problems with dish stability even in the slightest winds, causing loss of signal, pixilation of the picture and sound interruptions, missing the satellite when searching, and pretty much useless piece of equipment, causing frustrations and disappointments.

Adding to that, lack of skills and proficiency, using bad designs and solutions, bad quality equipment and accessories, poor workmanship, makes it even worse.

Here at TerrSat Pty Ltd, we can help you with all types of automatic satellite dish repairs including mechanism repairs, mechanism upgrades that drastically improve wind stability and reliability in general, software upgrades, upgrades and repairs to your existing installation enabling it to function better,  adding extra TV points for satellite reception, adding and installing Foxtel to your automatic satellite dish system, and more.

With over 30 years of experience in satellite installations and repairs, should you contact us for assistance, you will be dealing with highly experienced TV technicians that you can trust.

Most of the automatic satellite systems are design in a such a way that they are easily removable and can be sent to us from Australia wide for repairs and upgrades.

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